Welcome to Civic Park Medical Centre

We are a Bulk Billing Medical Centre that aims to provide comprehensive care ranging from women’s, men’s and children’s health, immunizations, minor procedures, mole checks and many more to all our patients in Drouin and its surrounding areas. We also offer onsite psychology, social worker, podiatry, dietitian and hearing tests. This is available to all our patients and can be billed to Medicare under a care plan allowing visits to be covered under Medicare. Please ask our GP’s for more information.

We bulk bill to all our patients who have a Medicare card, including non-concession card holders. Please present this when you show up to your appointment and your health care/concession card if you have one. We have now extended our hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-late and Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 10am-5pm. We have six doctors on site on site, two of those being female.

For our patients' convenience you can now book online anywhere, anytime 24/7

Please note: If you do not have a current Medicare Card, or your card has expired, you will be charged privately, and have an account issued to take to the nearest Medicare office. Overseas visitors will be issued with an account, which is payable on the day of consultation. All medical examinations/reports are not bulk billed by Medicare (this includes Vic Roads medical reports). Fees will vary. Payment is to be made on the day. Please ask at reception for more information Our practice is an AGPAL accredited practice and participated in Nation Primary Care Collaborative (NPCC programs).


Civic Park Medical Centre offers the following services

Our podiatry team specialise in all lower leg and foot conditions including diabetic foot health and sports injuries, nail, and skin pathologies. They manage conditions such as back pain, hip and knee pain, shin or calf / leg soreness, and Achilles tendinopathy all by assessment and control of an individual’s biomechanics / kinematics. We provide specific treatment to injuries within the foot such as heel pain /spurs, metatarsalgia and arch pain / plantarfasciitis. They also manage and treat bunions, claw toe, osteoarthritis, and growing pains in children from an early age.

Our Dietitian has extensive experience in diabetes education, weight management, women’s health including PCOS, cardiovascular nutrition, gastro nutrition and ante-natal nutrition.

Spot and Mole Check:
Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in Australia. It can be successfully treated if found early. We all have moles and most moles usually look alike. If you find one that looks unusual do not hesitate to come in and get it checked out.

Antenatal Shared Care:
Shared care is an arrangement between a hospital and a GP. Your pregnancy care is divided between the local provider and the hospital. You will have some of your antenatal appointments with your local provider and others with the hospital, depending on the reason for the visit. Most tests and scans, for example, would take place at the hospital.

Most hospitals that offer shared care do so only for women with low-risk pregnancies.

In Australia, GPs who provide shared care will often have extra obstetric training and qualifications and a special arrangement with the maternity hospital where you want to give birth to your baby.

Please chat to our receptionist and they can book you in with one of our doctors that has this arrangement with West Gippsland Hospital (Warragul).

12 week Weight Loss Programme:
We offer a fully Bulk Billed 12 week Living Lite Programme.

This Life Clinic has been designed to help you optimise your chances of weight loss with the assistance of your Doctor and nurse.

It's real support, goal setting and regular weigh-ins on a Thursday to help monitor your progress.

Please call and chat to one of our receptionist, they will book you in with a Doctor of your choice and the Living Lite Nurse to get you started on your weight management journey.

On-Site pathology collection:
Also available is On-Site pathology collection.

Our Team

Dr Sadaf Khan

Dr Essam Elsamman

Dr Faizah Jabeen

Dr Amelie Dow

Dr Dian Tirza

Dr Amila Weerasinghe

Dr Hasantha Jasinarachchi


Position descriptions for the above are available by contacting us. For more information on the application process please ring us on (03) 5625 3355 or email us. For admin CVs send to manager@medicalgroups.com.au. Doctors or Nurse CVs please send to andrea@medicalgroups.com.au

We are always seeking quality applicants for a range of roles, if there are no suitable positions listed above then please send your CV along with an expression of your preferred area of work to our email.



Important Information


In an emergency if the Practice is closed, please call 000 or present to West Gippsland Hospital, Landsborough St, Warragul. Phone 5623 0611

A home visit MAY be available after clinic hours (where Doctor deems appropriate). Please speak to the Receptionist who will discuss further with the Doctor.


Our Receptionists are not medically trained to give advice over the phone. You may ask to speak to the Doctor in the case of an emergency. Where possible, your call will be put through to the Doctor or, if unavailable, to the Practice Nurse.


No results are given over the phone. Patients are required to make an appointment to discuss results with a Doctor.


This Practice complies with the Health Records Act (Vic. 2001) and the Privacy Act (Commonwealth 1988).

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this Practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized persons involved in patient care.

If you wish to transfer your records, you will be asked to complete an information release form, and to provide us with photo ID that we can copy. This is to maintain privacy and confidentiality of your records.


We welcome comments and suggestions about the care you receive at this Clinic, please look for the Suggestions form in the reception area. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the services provided to you, please email manager@civicparkmedical.com.au

If you feel you have not received a satisfactory outcome, you may wish to contact:

The Health Commissioner Ph 1300 582 113

The Privacy Commissioner: Ph 1300 666 444

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency: Ph 1300 419495

Contact Us

Civic Park Medical Centre
79 Young Street
Phone: (03) 5625 3355
Email: admin@civicparkmedical.com.au

Opening Hours: Mon to Thursday 8.30am to 9.00pm; Friday 8.30am to 8pm
Saturday 8.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm