COVID-19 Vaccine

Civic Park Medical Centre has been approved to administer the ASTRA ZENECA COVID-19 VACCINE. Patients may use the COVID-19 Eligibility Checker to see if they are eligible for this vaccine. 



The following people are eligible, please note proof of eligibility is required.

  • Health care workers not included in Phase 1a (Proof of occupation needed in the form of an ID card, letter from employer or Declaration form)
  • Critical and high risk workers (Proof of occupation needed in the form of an ID card, letter from employer or Declaration form)
  • People over 60 years (Proof of age needed: all standard forms of ID accepted such as drivers licence or passport)
  • Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islanders 60 years and over (Self-identification as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Person to prove this accepted)
  • People over 18 years with underlying medical conditions, including disabilities. (Medical records needed to prove this: for example, a clinic record, MyHealth Record, a print out of a chronic disease plan, a referral from a GP or Treating Specialist, or a Declaration form)
  • Carers and Disability workers. (Proof to be provided in the form of Carers documentation or proof of occupation eg. ID card or letter from employer/ centre-based support provider, or a Declaration Form.)

If you fit these criteria BOOK HERE.

If you do NOT have a Medicare card, please book your vaccination at one of the Government Vaccination Hubs instead.

If You Are Not A Current Patient


If you are not a current patient you can only book your appointment via email. Please email us at to do so. Once booked you will need to send us a copy of your Health Summary. Alternatively you may hand a hard copy to one of our reception staff before the day of your COVID Vaccine appointment.

Any further questions need to be answered by a Doctor. You may book this by clicking HERE. This will need to be booked before the day of your vaccine. 




Parking can be found at the back of our Medical Clinic. Access to this car park is available at 79 Young St Drouin.

Parking is also available at the Civic Park Skate Park approximately 200m from our medical clinic


A public carpark can be found on the corner of Hope and Young St (in front of Coles, Drouin).

Further Information


For any further queries please email

Please note, no queries may be answered by calling our clinic. You will be directly referred to email:

CLICK HERE FOR A COLLECTION OF VIDEOS, in Auslan, explaining Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout.